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Pepsi Co Award (held in NYC with worldwide participation)

• Best Graphics TVC - Kung-fu for Mountain Dew
• Conceptualized and produced by Interflow Communications, this was the first Mountain Dew TVC produced outside North America, and is now being aired in international markets.

Indian Abby Awards - ABBY 2007History

• The 40th All India Awards
• Merit Award
• Best of Pakistani
• Brand: Ufone Umail

Aurora – Eurus Awards, March 17, 2007

Social Marketing & Community Service
• Best Television Commercial
• Outdoor Communication

18th Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA) Awards 2004

A Tribute to Creativity 2001 – 2002

• Grand Award
   Corporate Advertising – Corporate Brochure
   Brand: British Petroleum
   Client: British Petroleum

• Royal Award
    Television Advertising – 15 to 30 seconds
    Brand: Nestle Butter
    Client: Nestle-Milkpak Ltd

16th All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) Awards 1999 - 2000

•   Product Launch of the Year
    Habib Bank Ltd. Crore Pati Scheme
•   Business Performance Award - 2nd position
•   Client Performance Award - 3rd position
•   Special Business Performance Award - Periodicals and Regional Publications
•   Public Service Campaigns' Award

Pakistan Advertising Association (PAA) Advertising Excellence Awards ‘91

Best Single Mass Medium Advertising

• 1st Prize
    Television Commercial 7-30 seconds
    Brand: Sunlight Washing Powder
    Client: Lever Brothers Pakistan Ltd.

• 2nd Prize
    Television Commercial 31-60 seconds
    Brand: North Star
    Client: Bata Pakistan Ltd.

• 2nd Prize
    Print Ad Black & White
    Brand: DC Pager
    Client: Digital Communication (Pvt.) Ltd.

Best Corporate Institutional Advertising

• 1st Prize
    Television Commercial 31-60 seconds
    Brand: Polka Ice Cream
    Client: Mehran International (Pvt.) Ltd.

Best Multimedia Campaign

• 1st Prize
    Single Product/Service
    Brand: Nido
    Client: Nestle-Milkpak Pakistan Ltd.

Point of Sales Poster

• 2nd Prize
    Brand: Gul Ahmed Lawn
    Client: Gul Ahmed Textile Mills

Media Recognition

Pakistan Television Network (PTV) 1988-89

• Number 1 for Television Commercials
    » Number 1 for Television Commercials
    » Pakistan Costmetic Products
    » Sports Association for Veterans Rehabilitation (SAVER)
• Number 2 in Press
• Number 2 on Radio

Indian Abby Awards

•   3rd Award and 11 Nominations

Our Team
Brief description for entire team.

Mr. Taher A. Khan - Chairman Interflow Group

Mr. Taher A. Khan founded the Interflow Group in 1983 by starting an advertising agency called Interflow Communications.

Mrs. Seema Taher Khan - CEO Airwaves Media

Mrs. Seema Taher Khan co-founded Interflow Communications with her husband Mr. Taher A. Khan. Her illustrious career spans over two decades.

Mr. Mohammed Zaki - CEO Airwaves Media

Mr. Mohammed Zaki received his certification as a chartered accountant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan in 1993. He has over 25 years experience in leading multinational and national companies in Pakistan.

Mr. Shahid Javaid - Group Director

Mr. Shahid Javaid is the Group Director for the Interflow Group's overall operations. He is a graduate from the Karachi University. He started his career in 1981 in the media department of Paragon Advertising.


Our commitment is to Brands and only Brands
We work not for ourselves, not for the company, not even for a client. We work for Brands...