Taher Anwar Khan


Taher A. Khan is a leading name in the field of advertising, marketing and media in Pakistan.

In 1983, he founded the Interflow Group which comprises of over a dozen wholly owned companies including Interflow Advertising, Contact Plus, TV One, New One, Waseb TV, FM 91, Pyramid Productions, Cine Plus and Jupiter Communications.

The Group is also joint venture partner with WPP Worldwide in Ogilvy Pakistan and Group M Pakistan.

The Group has lately ventured in real estate development and healthcare business through its companies Interflow Properties Ltd. and Interflow Healthcare Ltd. respectively.

As Chairman of the Group, he is actively involved with all facets of the business. As an advertising enthusiast, he is passionate about the re birth of Interflow.20, and the new avenues of communication and marketing we are about to explore.