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Interflow Communications has been the unofficial university of Advertising in Pakistan since its inception on July 1st 1983. With 40 years of experience under our belt and the very best brands and brand builders of Pakistan having been part of our portfolio and family, it is safe to say, we have developed an unparalleled understanding of Communications.

We have built brands; from just a dream in your garage to a house hold name – we built your brands and products as if they were our own. We have brought ideas to life; from scribbles on a piece of paper, to full fledged 360- campaigns. We have launched faces; the familiar guy you see on your TV screen probably got his first big break at our office.

Now, we aim to take things one step further.

As the world changes, technology advances and brands are no longer ‘talking to’ their customers – as are we, the messengers, having to evolve. At Interflow 2.0, we are finding inventing new ways to reach digital communities target audiences, new ways to tell your brand story, new ways to create top-of-mind for your productbrand.

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